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Tooth sensitivity has many causes, including dentin that has been exposed in a fractured tooth, cavities, tooth enamel loss, old dental fillings and gum disease. Certain everyday practices can lead to tooth sensitivity, including bruxism and brushing your teeth incorrectly.

Sometimes, outside factors can result in the development of sensitive teeth, and this includes having a harmful tooth grinding habit, also known as bruxism. Grinding your teeth can chip and wear down the tooth enamel and result in fractured teeth and broken dental fillings and crowns.

Many patients develop tooth grinding habits as a result of dealing with short-term stress, and finding effective stress management techniques may be enough to treat the condition. Otherwise, you may need to address chronic teeth grinding by receiving a custom night guard from Copper Vista Dental Care, which is worn over you teeth as a plastic oral appliance to prevent wear and tear in the teeth as a result of grinding.

Another culprit could be your toothbrush or an ineffective brushing technique. To protect your teeth when brushing and avoid tooth irritation, use fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush, brushing in gentle, circular strokes along your teeth. Brushing a rotary or powered toothbrush head may be helpful at stopping tooth sensitivity.

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