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Protecting your smile against the risk of oral health risks that can arise includes limiting harmful agents that can often derail your oral health. Oftentimes, plaque buildup in your mouth is one of the key contributors to tooth decay, gum disease, dental erosion and several other forms of oral ailments that will slowly wear down your smile. Plaque buildup is a thin layer of debris and bacteria that can even convert other substances in your mouth into harmful acids that will eat right through your tooth enamel. To keep your smile safe, eliminate plaque.

One of the biggest risks associated with plaque buildup in your mouth is the fact that it can lead to several health risks if it is left untreated. Furthermore, it could eventually harden into tartar, which will not be easy to clean away. Because of this, you need to make sure that you have effective treatment plans in place to help eliminate plaque buildup before it hardens into tartar. When tartar forms, you will want to visit your dentist for the appropriate treatments.

By keeping your smile clean with effective brushing and flossing routines, you can dramatically lower your risk associated with dental damage caused by a plaque buildup. Always make sure that you’re brushing twice daily and flossing once daily as well. Furthermore, consider adding supplemental cleaning utensils into your oral hygiene care including mouthwash products and chewing gum. If you decide on using chewing gum after meals, make sure it is sugarless so further dental damage cannot arise.

Your smile and your oral health care can receive a boost with plaque prevention and treatments. If you wish to visit the dental office of Copper Vista Dental Care in Globe, Arizona, you can book an exam by calling us at 928-425-8175. Dr. Eric Swensen and our entire team look forward to providing you with the plaque prevention and care you need.