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When it comes to treating persistent tooth pain, many patients are unsure how to go about achieving proper treatment. We advise you to never ignore a toothache, as delaying proper dental treatment could increase your risk of not only suffering greater dental pain, but also needing invasive and expensive dental work in the near future. Our dental team can help you receive proper treatment for a toothache, and we offer a few helpful tips below.

What causes a toothache can vary for each patient. It may be as simple as having an irritating object stuck in your teeth, or you may have unaddressed dental health issues such as cavities, gum disease, oral infection or cracked teeth that are causing pain in your mouth. It’s crucial to understand the cause of tooth pain before undergoing treatment so that we can target the discomfort at its source.

Contact our dentist, Dr. Eric Swensen, at the first sign of a toothache so that you can receive early dental treatment in time to conservatively restore your smile. Our experienced dentist will be able to determine the cause of the discomfort and how best to treat it. Potential treatments can be antibiotics, draining infection fluids from the area, or providing root canal therapy.

If you are unable to see the dentist right away, you can take some steps at home to ease the pain, such as cleaning out objects stuck between your teeth or wedged between a tooth and gums, or applying a cool compress to outer area of the troubled tooth to keep your mouth comfortable.

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