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Are you looking to get a dental bridge? You may be aware that there are a few different types. We can explain the different choices here and their advantages. All types involve pontics, or fake teeth that replace your missing ones. Some use abutments, your natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth that are used to anchor the bridge.

– Dentist files the enamel off the abutments on both sides of the gap to create room for the bridge.
– Bridge is constructed with two crowns, caps that go over the filed abutments and resemble their original look, sandwiching the pontics.
– Bridge is set in, with the pontics over the missing teeth and the crowns settling over the abutments to secure everything in place.
– Often a sturdy replacement for missing molars.

– Construction is very similar to traditional bridges.
– Only one abutment is filed and used instead of two.
– Useful if there is only one natural tooth next to the gap. Other abutment may be non-existent or fake itself.

– Abutments’ enamel is not filed off.
– Instead, pontic has two small, porcelain or metal frames that attach to the abutments.
– Resin cement glues the frames to the abutments.
– Not as sturdy as the others, but involves less changes to the teeth.
– Good for replacing teeth in the front or in areas where the bite force is not strong enough to dislodge the bridge.

– Works by placing an implant into the spots of the missing teeth, and the pontic is set on the implant.
– Does not use abutments or frames.
– Useful if multiple teeth are missing.

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